Xiao Ming tells you that he had 100 yuan yesterday morning,which he put into the pocket of his jacket. He ent 40 yuan yesterday afternoon. But now when he reaches for the money, he finds only 10 yuan left.
He is wondering what has ha ened to the rest of the money. As his friend, you may give him three or four different po ibilities concerning the mi ing money. Maybe
Maybe you forgot you had ent the money o omething else yesterday afternoon. It's also po ible that a pocketpicker stole your money while you were sho ing. Or maybe you lost it on your way home. And one last po ibility is that you haven't lost it at all. You put on a different jacket this morning, and you ha ened to leave 10 yuan in the jacket earlier. So the mi ing money still must be in the other jacket, the one you were wearing yesterday! 可能
或许昨天用这钱买东西了,而你却忘记了。 当你买东西时,小偷偷了你的钱,这也是可能的。或许你在回家的路上丢了。最后的一种可能就是你根本就没丢。今早你穿了一件不同的夹克,而你却把钱放在了另外一个夹克里了,走时你碰巧没拿这10元钱。因此钱必定还在你昨天穿的那件夹克里。

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