Traditional Teaching Method-传统教育方式

Traditional Teaching Method
Do your teachers still use traditional techniques to teach you nowadays? A revol- ution in teaching techniques is required now. In the past, we just took it for granted that a teacher' s aim was to teach the students all that he knew and solve all the problems for them. Therefore, students could mot judge things on their own under this circumstance. Thus students gradually lost the ability to learn by themselves. In addition, they were only equi ed with the knowledge that were taught in cla and made the same judgement upon every problem which might crop up. Of course, they would find their knowledge not enough to solve practical problems.
So it is time to change the teaching method. A teacher' s goal is to help the students develop not only the ability to learn by themselves but the skills to make judgements on every a ect on their own. It' s not nece ary for the students to turn to teachers for help while meeting with difficulties. The first thing is to develop the students' abilities to make sound judgements upon any problem and overcome difficulties.
All in all, the aim of teaching is to liberate, but mot to fetter the students' i ate powers of making sound judgements.
你的老师还在用传统方法授课吗?现在教育方式的改革需要进行。过去,老师把他所有的知识教给学生,并帮学生解决他们所有的难题,这似乎是理所当然的。因此,在这种情况下,学生不能自我判断,也慢慢失去自学能力。另外,他们只能学到课堂上的东西,面对任一突发事件都会作出同样的判断。当然,他 们业余感到所学知识不足以解决实际问题。

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