Do We Need Space Exploration-有必要进行空间探索吗

Do We Need ace Exploration
Man has been fascinated by outer ace for thousands of years, It has been almost over forty years since man' s first landing on the moon. Now, some people believe that ace exploration is a sheer waste of time and money. They point out the thct that it cost billio of dollars to can3' on the ace research, but a little infrmation was brought back. In addition, the time and money ent on ace exploration is too much to calculate.
However, every coin has two sides. There are still a majority of other people who believe that ace exploration has more advantages. And I agree with those people. Many new products, such as weather and communication satellites, are also products of ace programs, and they have benefitted people all over the world. And what' s more. scientific knowledge about outer ace has been acquired by the mankind.
We benefited a lot from ace exploration. We believed that it will bring more benefits in the future, which perha we can not even imagine now'. ace exploration is a challenge to human beings. That' s why several natio try hard to carry out ace exploration continuously.
然而,任何事物都具有两面性。仍有大多数人认为进行空间探索利大于弊,我也非常赞同他们的观点。许多新产品,如气象、通讯卫星都直接得益于空间研究,使全球受益匪浅,而且人 类从中获得了不少关于太空的知识。

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