My English Teacher

Hello! I’m Je ie. I like English very much, because of my English teacher, Nettie. Today, I’ll introduce her to you. In my eyes, she’s not a teacher, but a lovely girl and a good friend of mine. She is not tall. She is thin. She has the long hair. Her face is round. There are two small eyes on her face. She likes smiling. When she smiles, her eyes just like the moon at the begi ing of the month. I think she is very beautiful girl. She’s very kind, like an old friend. She can sing. She can draw. She can dance. She can eak very good English. She can tell us stories. She can play games with us. When we have an English le on, we feel very ha y. All of us are interested in her le on. I have a good teacher. I think I’m very lucky.

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